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Will. I prefer people. I prefer to be left alone. I prefer LOUD. I prefer quiet. I prefer solitude. I prefer claustrophobia. I prefer inevitability. I prefer it never happening. I love to be free. I long to be held captive. You can try to make sense of that. You can try not to make sense of that. If you try, it won't happen. If you don't try, it will happen. I love myself. I hate myself. I'm Gay. And I'm straight.


Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof love


    Pierce The Veil - Bulletproof love

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    "Bulletproof Love" is such a morbid song goddamn vic are you feeling okay

    bruh and don’t get me started on “Caraphernelia”

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    "With Veganism you give nothing up. You just stop taking that which is not yours."
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    "im not racist i hate everyone equally" yeah, hey buddy how’s the sixth grade goin

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    What the hell did I just watch? 

    It’s me pretending to be a video game character what is wrong with you it’s pretty straight-forward.

    Wow this is really accurate right down to the breathing.

    Oh my goodness Hhahahahha

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    Zabuza of the Bloody Mist

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    "13 things my uncle told me before he died:
    not everyone has the blessing to understand sadness
    when waiting at the bus stop, it’s okay to smoke cigarettes
    never touch anyone else’s clothes at the laundromat
    it’s okay to miss the people who were bullets to you
    when your grandmother asks you how you are, be honest
    never be afraid to say “no” even after you’ve said “yes”
    if someone tells you graffiti isn’t art, prove them wrong
    remember people by their eye color not their clothes
    you’re allowed to like dark chocolate with tangerines
    don’t lie that you don’t have a lighter when you really do
    turn your phone off every once in a while and find the moon
    if you want a tattoo, don’t let anyone tell you not to get it
    if you ever find yourself at the graveyard, read the names"
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